I started the business with the idea of ​​creating a technology platform for citizens to innovate and communicate faster and more economically. And I changed a province into a technology application in my business.

I have founded a lot of businesses but I still ponder the true values of my business. There are many businesses that are conducive to personal enrichment, but I see an impact on shared community values ​​that affect sustainable values. No matter how successful or profitable it is, I am brave enough to stop or end it.

I recognize that success in a job or project is not important. But the most important thing for the rest of my life is to do what is best to make this community better, happier.

I have trained elaborately to become genuine happiness and have a happy family. We have everything, from finance, health, wealth and an almost completely happy family.

However, one day, it was the chaos of neighboring families, and the weakness of the surrounding community that hurt my family. Honest, meek people were the baits for skilled and greedy people.

I decided to return to the way of business and started up for the second time with the HAPPYBANK fintech project with the idea of ​​creating a platform for citizens of each country to trade and manage their finances more intelligently.

We have so much money in ATMs, we have so much money in banks, but there are many people who die of hunger. Many countries still take good care of the prosperity of their country, many corporations have more cash than a country but there are people who commit suicide when they are in financial difficulties.

I have witnessed a picture of a 60-year-old woman selling breads in the street corner to feed her children in college but she must pay a 300%/ month interest rate to a big, fully-tattooed guy every afternoon. It is a painful image of a bad society: strong and lazy men clings to the blood of honest people. The value of a bank is not only profitable but must build trust and provide opportunities for all citizens to positively change their lives as well.

Using cash is an opportunity for criminals to develop, and cash transactions have cost the citizens of each country an unlimited amount of money, time and energy. This will be lessened when HAPPYBANK is born in countries where citizens can use Happybank as a tool to carry out their financial transactions or to manage their finances.

Through this, the government of each country can also manage and operate in a more transparent, juster and easier way. Citizens' ideas and projects are carried out from ever stronger social resources.

Everyone is responsible for all of the things mentioned above. We must walk hand in hand and make this world become better, happier.

Happybank must be able to do that.

Phong Pham (Mr.Happy)

Founder at HAPPYBANK


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